VW Resort 21 x LC

View the latest design collaboration between Viktoria and Woods and Linden Cook. Model Zoe Blume captured beautifully by Levon Baird and styled by Sara Smith.

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Collection 6.0

Linden Cook presents their latest Collection 6.0. Ethical, sustainable and conscious jewellery made to order in Melbourne Australia. 

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Vogue Australia Interview

Working with family members can be hit or miss, but for Australian jewellery label Linden Cook, it’s thankfully the former. Cook, the creative architect behind her eponymous brand, was always tinkering with things, but it was only after her daughters gifted her a jewellery-making course that she turned her attention to hand-making the incredible pieces that sell today. Her eldest daughter, Georgie Amad is the managing director, and dips her toes into most facets of the business, from creative to operational.   Together, along with the rest of their team, they produce beautiful pieces, all handmade and thus unique, depending on the raw materials and craftsmanship put into them. The new collection, called Collection 5.0, is due to launch July 2, and...

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