Collection 8.0

Collection 8.0

Collection 8.0 is the epitome of Linden Cook as a brand, finding balance between organic and structure, function and art. Each piece is custom designed to hold space on their own and work beautifully worn together.

Over the past two years we have focused intensively on the creative direction of the brand. A chance to explore and expand on the things that are most important and push ourselves in new ways, with our customers at the forefront.

With an emphasis on inclusivity, we have created a collection that feels truly authentic to us as a brand, challenging ideas that jewellery is gendered, seasonal or restricted by size. Our team has spent months working on each piece to ensure functionality and quality for all wearers, encouraging people to invest in pieces that can be passed down through generations and worn with pride.

Made to order from recycled precious metals and ethically crafted by artisan jewellers in our Melbourne studio, Collection 8.0 is a reflection of our values as a brand, with a focus on sustainability, inclusivity and longevity.

We were honoured to work with the most incredibly talented creative team, credited below. 
Creative - Vivien Vittadello
Photo - Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow
Motion - Jack Younger
Hair & Make Up - Georgia Gaillard
Talent - Tari, Kult Models
Talent - Boni, Chadwicks Models

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