We are committed to creating pieces that can be passed down through generations and worn with pride. For you to know exactly where your piece has come from, and the hands that have made it.  

All of our pieces are handmade by our team of artisan jewellers right here in Melbourne, Australia.



At Linden Cook, we recognise that times are changing and that all businesses need to do more for the planet and the community. We aim to create responsibly and mindfully, and are constantly seeking new ways to improve our processes and create a transparent business model. We are committed to furthering our sustainability journey and reducing our impact on the environment.



By operating on a direct to customer model we can maintain control of the processes and quality of our pieces from start to finish. This also allows us to keep our prices lower, limiting the amount of hands our pieces go through and ruling out the unnecessary markups found with wholesale models.

Local Suppliers

Being a conscious brand means being aware that sustainability means more than just what happens inside our studio, and so we have taken the time to build personal and transparent relationships with all of our suppliers, local or otherwise. All of our precious metal suppliers have made the move to recycled materials in the last year. We are committed to supporting the local community as much as we can, and use as many Melbourne based suppliers as possible.


Precious metals are non-renewable resources. We use recycled materials in production to ensure we reduce our footprint as much as possible. Each custom design embraces organic shapes and lines, allowing us to use recycled and repurposed materials more often.


We aim to be as inclusive as possible for all of our customers. By allowing customisations on lengths, sizes and even finer details such as the finish of the metal it encourages our customers to invest in pieces that are perfectly suited to them.

Investment Pieces 

We design conscious collections full of carefully curated pieces that stand the test of time, limiting the constant need for newness by encouraging investment in versatile pieces of exceptional quality. We source high quality precious metals designed to last, and aim to provide a level of craftsmanship that extends the lifespan of each piece. In creating high quality, sentimental pieces that won’t go out of style, we are encouraging customers to invest in jewellery they can love forever, rather than buying new pieces with new trends. Our collections include both fine every day jewellery and bold statement pieces.


In 2020, we made the transition to eco-friendly, compostable Hero packaging mailers for all of your orders. We have created beautiful, plastic free jewellery boxes and microfibre cloth pouches that can be used to store jewellery for years to come. We hope this can help to break the cycle of waste so commonly involved in the fashion industry, as there is less to throw out and both the box and mailer can be reused. For any Impression kits returned to us, we try to reuse any packaging that we can to limit unnecessary waste. 

ESSEN x Linden Cook for Earth Day | 22nd April 2021

This Earth Day (22 April 2021), We are launching a special collaboration with sustainable footwear brand ESSĒN.

Fashion has a waste problem - we want to fix it.  Just like my jewellery, all of Essen’s footwear is made-to-order. Reducing waste is something we strive to do at every point in our processes. ESSĒN cut their raw materials as tightly as possible, using as much as they can. Producing on-demand allows us to minimise waste and over-production, and to use our resources smarter by only producing what we sell. For the customer this means lower production costs per pair/piece, so the price can stay smart too. The craftsmen and jewellers in our workshops are experts in their fields, bringing heart and expertise to every piece we make, using time honoured techniques. 



Linden Cook Jewellery acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, at our studio in Naarm and throughout Australia. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.