9 Years of backdated points to shop with! 


Tier System


The Linden Cook Loyalty program is a tiered program designed to reward our loyal and returning customers. Earn 1 point for every dollar spent to reach new tiers and use your points to redeem amazing member benefits and gifts.

If you already have a customer account with us, simply log in to view your current points and tier status. 

To create or activate your account, click here. If you have shopped with us in the past or if you are a subscriber that has previously shopped with us, but have not yet created an account, activate your account and view your points status. 

Log in to your customer account to view your points or tier status. Your points and offers will also appear in a pop-up window on the left of the screen when you enter our website and on any Linden Cook emails you receive. 

Linden Cook Loyalty tiers are based on your lifetime spend with us. Your tier does not change when you use your points to redeem offers and once you have reached a tier you will never drop below it. Please refer to the table above for the offers you will unlock in each tier.

You earn 1 point for every dollar spent on any Linden Cook piece through our website, excluding shipping costs and GST. Your points will be backdated from any previous orders and added to your profile when you create your account.

Click the Loyalty button in the left corner of the screen to view your points balance and use any offers you have available to you when making your purchase. Once an offer is redeemed, the code for this will appear in the Loyalty Box. Points will be deducted as you use the offers available to you.

There is no expiry of your points or tier placement. Any exclusive offers once redeemed with your points must be used within 6 months of receiving the code.

We appreciate that some of our customers have been loyal supporters of our brand for years, and as a thank you we have backdated all purchases and added these points to your account. Your current points total will reflect all previous orders made with us under your email address, excluding shipping costs.

Using your points to redeem offers will not affect your tier placement. If your lifetime spend falls within a tier bracket this is where you will remain regardless of your current point status.

Loyalty points are only available to be earned or redeemed when shopping directly through the Linden Cook website. These points cannot be earned or redeemed through any of our stockists.

Unfortunately a monetary reward needs to be used in its entirety and you will forfeit any excess. Eg if your reward is a $75 discount and the piece you purchase is $55 you will not receive the $20 excess.

Yes. You can choose to use your accumulated points to redeem any reward in your tier. Similar to a currency, you would use your points to purchase the desired reward in your tier. E.g if you have 200 points you can use 100 points each time you shop to receive free shipping across two separate orders.

You can use one offer of your choice per order.


Please email any Linden Cook Loyalty enquiries to: info@lindencookdesign.com