Fingerprint FAQ

General Information

Please email all Fingerprint enquiries to:

How do I order a Fingerprint piece?

You simply head to the Fingerprint Collection tab in the main menu of our website and select the the Fingerprint piece you would like. You then need to choose the pendant size, metal and the chain length/size before adding to your cart. Once your order has been placed online, you will receive a Wax Impression Kit in the mail. This will be express posted to the address submitted on your online order within 1-2 business days.

What is in the Impression Wax Kit?

In the Impression Wax Kit you will receive all the information necessary to make the perfect print. You will receive pre-rolled wax balls, detailed information of how to create the perfect print and a prepaid addressed return post satchel for you to send them back to us. Please be sure to fill out the customer card before sending it back to us so we can easily match your prints to your order.

I'm not based in Melbourne, how do i go about ordering a Fingerprint Piece?

You simply head to the Fingerprint Collection tab in the main menu of our website and process your order online. Majority of our Fingerprint pieces are ordered online this way. Once your order has been placed online, you will receive a Wax Impression Kit in the mail with detailed instructions that are very easy to follow. This kit will be express posted to the address submitted on your online order within 1-2 business days. There will be a prepaid return post satchel inside for you to send your prints back to us.

How do you create the Fingerprint Pendant?

To create the fingerprint impression, we use a traditional lost wax cast technique which produces the most beautifully authentic impression. Each piece is handmade to order.

Can you give the Wax Impression Kit as a gift?

If time is of the essence, you have the option to simply gift your loved one the impression kit that is sent to you in the mail when you place your order. We feel it makes a beautiful and thoughtful present, stylishly packaged. If you are purchasing this as a gift or you are unable to action the fingerprint impression personally, we can send this gift box directly to the recipient. We will also include a gift card displaying a photo of the piece you have purchased and well as an instruction guide. Once the fingerprint kit is ordered it will be sent out on express shipping within a day or two.

How do you order one necklace with 2 prints?

If you would like to order a necklace with more than one fingerprint you can shop the Mini Fingerprint Necklace and X Mini Fingerprint Necklace. Once you enter into the product page you will select “two” pendants. The order will be processed as usual through our website and the appropriate Impression Wax Kit will be sent out to the address on your order.

Can you make a Fingerprint Necklace using existing ink prints of someone who has since passed away?

We are in the process of trying to make this possible with laser engraving but it is still in the works. Please email with this enquiry and your email will be flagged in a folder with similar requests and we get back to you as soon as this becomes available.

How long until I receive the kit after I order it?

Once your order has been placed online, you will receive a Wax Impression Kit in the mail. This will be express posted to the address submitted on your online order within 1-2 business days.

Will this item be permanently a part of your collection?

Yes, absolutely

Lead Times

When will I receive the Wax Impression Kit?

The Wax Kit will be express posted 1-2 days after your order is placed online.

How long do they take to make?

The standard lead times for this product are listed below and vary depending on the metal. These lead times commence from the date the Wax Kit has been received back at our studio after the impression process has been completed by you. These time frames may be slightly longer during peak periods. If you require this piece by a specific date it is best to get in touch prior to placing your order.
Sterling Silver - 2-3 weeks
Solid Rose, Yellow or White Gold - 2-3 weeks
Rose or Yellow Gold Plated - 3-5 weeks

Double Sided Prints

How do I order a double sided Fingerprint Necklace?

If you would like to create a double sided print you just order the pendant size and metal you would like. Once the wax arrives in the mail, it is entirely up to you how you decide to make your impression. There are instructions in the package with how to do this.

Is the price the same for single and double sided prints?

There is no extra cost to make your piece double sided as the prices online are per pendant not per fingerprint.

How do you make a double sided print?

To make a double sided print you will need to press your fingers into the wax at the same time from each side, pushing up against each other. There are more instructions in the Impression Wax Kit to assist.

Can you make a double sided print on any size pendant?

Yes, you can make a double sided print on X-Mini, Mini or the Classic size.

Do I need to specify if I want double or single when ordering?

No, we don't need this information when ordering as the price and process is exactly the same for single and double sided prints.

Any tips for creating a perfect double sided print

To create a perfect double sided print you need to push your fingers into the wax at the exact same time. Try to position them in the same spot on either side so that you can achieve a wall around the print on both sides. Also be sure to pull away from the wax very slowly to avoid changing the shape of the wax. If you don't like the shape once you pull away you are best to roll out back up and try again. You can view our demonstration videos on YouTube through the links at the bottom of this page. 

I want to create a double fingerprint necklace but my children / parents / siblings etc don’t live in the same state. Can you send out more than one kit for one necklace?

Unfortunately to create a double sided impression you need to press into the wax at the same time so this is not possible from different states. We can however send out two kits to different addresses and create a necklace with two pendants - you will just need to quote the same order number when sending back your fingerprints.

The Perfect Print

How do we know if we have got a good enough print?

Your finished piece will look exactly as the wax does so be sure to love how it looks before sending it back. If you can see a fingerprint and you like the shape of it then you are all good to go. If you are unsure about the quality of your print please text (+61480213256) or email ( a photo to us for confirmation prior to sending them back to us.

My grandmother/grandfather’s fingerprints are very faint and faded. Is there a way I can get these to look clearer?

Unfortunately not. The wax will take the impression of the print that they have which may not be very defined in their older age. In this case you can try to create a beautiful shape so that it is still a stunning piece that shapes their finger just as it is. You can also try to use their knuckle to collect those beautiful lines.

Will you get in contact if our waxes are not clear enough?

If we believe your waxes are not good enough we will call you before processing them however it is important to know that our interpretation of a good print may be different to yours so it is best if you are sure they are good before you send them back.

What is the process if your fingerprints are not good enough and need to be redone

This is not a problem at all. You will just need to cover the postage to get some more wax sent out to you. This is $30 and can be purchased via this link - 

Sizing and Materials

What is the difference in the size of the pendants?

The below measurements are approximations and will depend how the fingerprint is pressed into the wax.
X Mini Fingerprint Necklace 10mm-12mm diameter
Mini Fingerprint Necklace 12mm diameter
Classic Fingerprint Necklace 20mm diameter
Mini Fingerprint Bracelet 12mm diameter

Is the silver real sterling silver?

Yes, all of our silver is .925 sterling silver.

Are the chains 9k gold as well as the pendant?

If you select the solid gold option then the chain and the pendant are solid gold.

Is there a difference in colour between the solid gold and gold plated?

The colour of the gold plated and solid gold are very similar initially, they just fade differently with wear. The solid gold will last you a lifetime in colour with just the use of gold cleaner and a polishing cloth. The gold plated with wear and fade over time - eventually will need to be replated. The rate at which it wears depends on the wearer, the acids in their skin and how the piece is cared for.

Can you wear them in the shower?

You can wear any of our solid metal pieces in the shower and they will keep their colour and strength. We advise that you do not wear any plated pieces in the shower.

Can you make these in solid white gold?

Yes, we offer all sizes in Solid White Gold. We can offer Rhodium Plating upon request. You can view our solid 9k white gold Fingerprint Collection here .

Pet Prints

Can you make a Fingerprint Necklace with a dog or cat nose instead of a fingerprint?

You certainly can. We have done so many beautiful dog and cat’s noses, also partial paw prints. They come up really well if you can get a deep enough impression. You can take the print of your pets nose or a partial paw print. There are some photos on our instagram highlight link ‘ Pets Prints’ -

How do I order a dog nose print?

The ordering process is exactly the same for a fingerprint or the print of your pets nose/paw. You just need to select the size and metal you would like.

Age Limit

If I want to place an order for a necklace with prints of my two children but one is too young to make a print, can I send back one print now and keep the other until they are ready to make a print?

You absolutely can. You can just send your second child’s wax back whenever you are ready and quote the original order number in the package when sending it back so we can identify you. You can also include your necklace in the package if you would like us to add the second pendant to your original piece.

What's the minimum age to make the print deep enough?

This piece is not suitable for children younger than 1yr of age as their prints may not be defined enough to create a deep impression. This is however case by case and if you can visibly see fingerprints on your child then it should work out just fine. You can always give it a go and if it isn't deep enough you simply roll the wax back up and can again a few months later. The wax doesn't expire nor does the time you have to post them back to us.


Can you engrave anything into the back of the Fingerprint pendant?

We can stamp a single letter into the wax at the back to differentiate the prints, however this is not to be a feature of the print, and can only be done if the wax isn't too thin. The letter will be stamped where we feel it is best to not jeopardise the quality of the print. Please be sure to label the little containers with the letter you would like on each of the three prints.

Does it cost extra to get a letter stamped?

No, it doesn’t cost any extra to get a letter stamped.


Can we make an appointment to come to the studio to make our fingerprints?

We love having people in to make their impressions. We take appointments on Monday to Thursdays between 10 - 3pm. If a time within this does not suit, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.

Where do we come for our appointments?

We are located in the WH Amad Building at 33 Charles St Coburg North. Enter the back carpark via Dawson street and head into the WH Amad reception office where you will be directed to our studio. Please call us if you require further assistance - 0480213256

How long are the appointment slots?

We generally allow for 20 minutes. This give enough time to ensure we get the perfect print.

Demonstration Videos

See the links below for full demonstration videos on all of our fingerprint impression pieces-
Necklaces, Bracelets, X Mini Ring and Mini Ring

Band Ring

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