Father's Day Series | Georges Antoni

Father's Day Series | Georges Antoni

Last, but absolutely not least, welcoming Georges Antoni to our Father's Day Series. Georges is a reknowned Australian photographer and videographer, and father to angels Valentina, Siddy & Zaki. Having met his wife Phoebe and their beautiful children, it was so nice to get to know the final piece of the Ghorayeb family puzzle. We chatted life experiences, jewellery and the traits he hopes to pass on to his children as we wrap up the final instalment of our series. 



What surprised you the most about becoming a parent?

When I became a parent was when I became acutely aware of my own mortality. My goal is to be around for my children for as long as I can.



Which of your own characteristics do you most want to pass on to your kids?


Ideally I’d like my children to take many more characteristics from their mother than from me. For example, an amazingly big heart, a great sense of humour and a fantastic choice in men ;-) But from me I hope they take the grit, loyalty and extreme love for my family. 



What is an experience you can’t wait to share with your kids? 

To travel overseas and allow them to embrace all the amazing flavours, sights and cultures around the world.



Which accessory or piece of jewellery would you never leave the house without?

Before marrying my wife I never wore a piece of jewellery. Even after our wedding I told Phoebe I wouldn’t wear my wedding ring as it was just not something I was used to. The irony is, since that day I have never taken it off.



Georges's Father's Day select is our Stamped Date Plate in Sterling Silver, which can be used as a keychain or added to a chain to be worn as a necklace. 



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