Linden Cook x Olivia Ware Jewellery

Linden Cook x Olivia Ware Jewellery

Olivia Ware, or Olives as she is more commonly known within the Linden Cook studio, was one of the first jewellers to join our team over six years ago. Her incredibly detailed work, commitment to ethically sourced materials and superhuman work ethic made her the perfect person to trust with our first stone collection.

The initial conversation began when Olives returned from maternity leave and Georgie was weeks away from giving birth to her second baby. Empowered by their shared experiences of pregnancy and being working mothers, an effortless design journey began.

 You can shop our Birthstone collaboration here

When designing this curated collection there were a few non negotiables; 

To create heirloom jewellery using high quality precious metals that can be passed down for generations to come. 

To encourage versatility with pieces that can be added to existing Linden Cook Jewellery.

To design genderless pieces suitable for both you and your child. 

To establish space in the market for a sentimental addition to your jewellery box unlike anything currently available.  

The collection consists of three pieces designed for both you and your littlest loves featuring either birthstones or hand engraved interpretations of your birth flowers. Each piece is crafted in wax and created in either solid 9k gold or sterling silver, to be worn everyday. 

As a team of passionate women and mothers, it has been a pleasure to work collaboratively on this capsule collection ahead of Mother’s Day 2023. We can’t wait to introduce it to you | Launching 12.04.23

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