Father's Day Series | Dylan Buckley

Father's Day Series | Dylan Buckley


We are thrilled to welcome Dylan Buckley as the first feature in our Father's Day Series! Dyl is the founder of Producey and the host of some of Australia's most popular podcasts, including hugely successful Dyl & Friends. Dyl and his wife Juzz welcomed their son Max in April 2023. Dyl has been very open on his podcast about the challenges they faced during their fertility journey, which makes the moments he has shared with us all the more precious.

Dyl is a close friend and longtime supporter of Linden Cook, so we were thrilled to feature him in this series. We chatted to him about entering the world of parenthood and how it has changed his outlook on work and life in general. 



What surprised you the most about becoming a parent?

I know everyone says it, but how you can physically love something so much that it hurts. Don’t get me wrong, this built over time and grows stronger each day, especially when the smiling started. I think also what amazes me is how on earth we actually created a living human being. I often just stare at him in amazement that he’s got eyes and ears and is a part of me. Very cool. 



What is an experience you can’t wait to share with your children?

Even when I was a dad in waiting the one thing I always looked forward to is taking my kids to nippers. Which is weird because I never did nippers and have no connection to it but when we were living in Sydney we would often see families down at the beach with their kids and just looked like the best weekend ever to have with the family. I’m pumped for this.



How has having children changed your outlook on work and life?

That’s an interesting question and one I’m still trying to work out. On one hand, it makes me want to work even harder to give him a life that is full of the best experiences in the world, but on the other hand I don’t want to waste time at work and spend all my time with him. There’s a balance somewhere in the middle I’m trying to find. In saying that.. there’s certainly no more laying on the couch when I get home from work these days! But it’s so rewarding coming home and seeing a smile.




Dyl's Father's Day select is our Custom Band Ring in Sterling Silver, which he will wear until little Max is old enough to make strong impressions for the Impression Band Ring. Shop our Father's Day Edit here



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