Dina Broadhurst Artworks

Dina Broadhurst Artworks

Striving to push the boundaries of conventional beauty and challenge the conversation of femininity, Linden Cook's collaborative partnership with renowned Australian artist and visionary Dina Broadhurst, signals the arrival of Collection 3.0.

An advocate for the exploration and depiction of sexuality and the female form in modern art, Broadhurst's organic and eclectic nature of work saw the creative pairing for Linden Cook's latest collection.

Broadhurst's perfectly imperfect approach to her work mirrors Cook’s latest offering of layered and textural pieces.

Broadhurst photographed the campaign for Collection 3.0, and in addition, the creation of 4 bespoke artworks. These artworks are now available to purchase directly here http://www.dinabroadhurst.com/collection/




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