Impression Fingerprint Necklaces | Yellow Gold
Impression Fingerprint Necklaces | Yellow Gold

Impression Fingerprint Necklaces | Yellow Gold


Ethical, sustainable and conscious jewellery, handmade to order in our Melbourne studio. At Linden Cook we are committed to creating pieces that can be passed down through generations and worn with pride; for you to know exactly where your piece has come from and the hands that have made it. Quality, durability and functionality are cornerstones of our approach to production, with samples worn for days at a time to ensure the weight, balance and comfort is optimal for the wearer.

Our Impression Collection was born from a desire to create a piece of jewellery that holds real sentiment and lasts a lifetime. Using a lost wax casting technique, we are able to create custom fingerprint pieces that are completely unique in shape and print, allowing you to hold a special piece of your loved one close to you. The beauty of this process is that you have complete creative control over how the finished piece will look.


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