Rania Rose Cooke | Jeweller

Rania Rose Cooke | Jeweller

Rani is one of the first jewellers we had working with us and is an incredibly important part of our Linden Cook team and family. Rani is forever educating us all on astrology, birth charts and the latest conspiracies theories. Her kindness and empathy warms up the studio every morning and we love the weekly visits from her sidekick Lola.

What show are you binging at the moment? 

I’m always and forever binging RuPauls Drag Race, I just finished the latest UK season and it was fierce! 

Favourite random fact? 

As a jeweller, my favourite mind blowing fact is that all the gold on Earth formed in supernovae and neutron star collisions that occurred before the solar system formed. Also all the gold that is available to us to make jewellery came from a meteor bombardment approximately four billion years ago. It’s literal star dust.  

Number one vacation spot? 

That’s a tough one but it’d have to be Japan. It’s such a beautiful place with amazing culture. I’m dreaming of my next visit. Also the time zone is almost the same as Melbourne so you avoid jet lag! 

My idea of a perfect Friday night… 

I’m pretty easy to please, dinner with friends and then a movie or a punk gig. 

What did you study? 

I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts from UniSA with a major in glass blowing and a minor in jewellery.  

Favourite piece you have ever created? 

My favourite piece would have to be my graduate work, which was a huge floor to ceiling mobile made of steel and glass. I used a jewellery technique called lampworking to create big clouds of glass from borosilicate rods all folded into tiny pyramids and hung them from steel beams that almost collided but always narrowly avoided each other. A comment on the mathematical chaos theory and the fragility of life. 

How did you get into jewellery? 

Jewellery was kind of a happy accident for me, I wanted to be an architect but didn’t make the grade so I went to art school instead. In your first year you study all the disciplines before you choose a major and minor, and I discovered that I’m a bit of a pyro and was only interested in making things with fire. I love the malleability of metal, it’s both soft and strong. The techniques are ancient and the possibilities are truly endless. 

What was your first impression of Linden Cook? 

My first impression of Linden Cook was both awe at the beautiful pieces these women were making and the comfort that comes from being in a family environment. I was instantly welcomed into the family and now they can’t get rid of me! 

Best and worst part of your daily routine? 

The best part of my day is getting to work alongside such incredible, hard working, talented women. I’m so grateful each day to go to work and be a part of such an amazing and supportive team. The worst part of my day is usually Melbourne traffic, boo! 

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