Zoe & Adam | Mini Impression Bracelet

Zoe & Adam | Mini Impression Bracelet

Zoe got in contact with us after her partner, Adam, passed away in a tragic work accident in March this year. Zoe was so warm and friendly when she visited our studio and we were thrilled to be able to help her make a double sided Impression bracelet with hers and Adam’s fingerprints. 

Who is your fingerprint piece of and why is it important to you?

My fingerprint piece is of my partner Adam, this piece would have to be one of the most special items I own. The reason for this is, the owner of this fingerprint is someone that I can never see again or never hold again. This piece in a way brings back something that I have lost forever, something that can't be bought back. 

Can you tell us a bit more about how you came to make your fingerprint bracelet?

The 22nd of March 2021 was a normal day, Adam kissed me goodbye for work, I told him I loved him and we went about our days. It was a normal day, no different from any other. I had called Adam at 1:51pm and didn't get an answer, this was normal for Adam as he works in basement carparks. But by 5pm when he hadn't returned my call I started to get worried, we tracked his work car and headed to where it was located. 

3 minutes away I got a phone call I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I received a call that Adam had been electrocuted and couldn't be revived, he had passed away. 

When Adam was at the funeral home they took an impression of his finger, but the jeweller we were recommended to didn't do any jewellery I liked. One of my closest friends suggested I take a look at Linden Cook. I contacted Linden Cook and advised I had a mould, the ladies there were so incredibly helpful and sensitive. I went into their studio and the girls there talked me through the process and did as many moulds as I needed to get the perfect one.

I now have the most perfect, personalised keepsake of Adam that I wear nearly every day.

Can you tell us a bit about yours and Adam’s relationship?

Adam and I have known each other for about 5 years and dated for just over 2 years, our story of how we met and how we began dating is a little different to most. Adam and I both raced go karts, I raced in QLD as that's where I lived at the time and Adam raced in VIC.  

Back in 2015 myself and my best friend at the time were put into a group chat with Adam and a few other karting people from Melbourne, and we all became good friends quite quickly. My best friend and I decided to fly down from the Gold Coast to Melbourne for the weekend to watch a big race that was happening, the Australian Kart Championship at Todd Road. This was the first time I met Adam in person, he was so shy. After that weekend my best friend and I flew back home. We all kept our great friendships, we had these for many years and still do to this day.

In 2019 I got accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts, I moved to Melbourne from the Gold Coast on my own, I didn't know anyone in Melbourne, Adam and I became really close and one thing led to another. 

In July 2020 Adam and I moved into our first place together, we made it a home for us and loved it. 

Since the day I moved to Melbourne Adam has been one of my biggest supporters, he was there every time I had a mental breakdown with my studies, every time I struggled being away from my family, he always wanted to do things, to get out of the house and experience new experiences. 

Adam and I were years ahead of how long we had actually been together, we had a very mature relationship. Although we had a very mature relationship, we still had so much fun. We had our fair share of silly moments along the way from setting off the fire alarm in our unit block, to missing our flight to the Gold Coast for my birthday because neither of us woke up to the 4am alarm. 

The one thing I look back now and am grateful for is how independent Adam made me. Every time I purchased something (that he didn't want haha) that needed to be assembled, he would make me assemble it myself. As much as we had a very close relationship I liked that we could be independent, he could go out with the boys and I could go out with the girls. No questions asked. But we would come home and still have each other. 

Adam has shown me what it is like to be loved, even though he is not physical here he will always be a massive part of my life, he has set the standards high. As he would say "Tony Kart level". 

What is your favourite memory of Adam?

I have so many beautiful memories of Adam, it is hard to choose just one. But one that stands out from the rest is the first day we hung out after I had moved to Melbourne, we weren't dating yet. We went out for a day on his boat with a couple of his karting/school friends. In the space of 3 hours Adam had written off a jetski, heavily damaged another jetski and beached the boat. It just amazed me how one person can have that much bad luck in one day. 

What is the most special thing about Adam?

There are so many special things about Adam but I think the one that stands out the most is the impact Adam had on those around him. This isn't something I noticed until it was too late to tell him, since he passed I've noticed how much of a positive impact Adam had. He always showed up with a smile, he worked so hard at his job, he never stressed, nothing was ever an issue for him and he loved everyone around him and made sure they knew that. 

I feel a lot of people looked up to Adam for his ability to live life without any worries, his ability to be so happy. It was certainly infectious. 

Adam has always been extremely driven to achieve whatever goal he has set. He had his eyes on buying a home last year, he did it in the peak of COVID-19. He wanted a jet ski and sure enough we bought one in December last year. If not anyone else, he has certainly left a big impact on myself and my life going forward. He has made me realise that all the little things we stress over in life are stupid, he has made me more driven then ever to achieve all the things I want to achieve and live life to the fullest just how he did, with no worries. 

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