Hannah | Mini Impression Necklace

Hannah | Mini Impression Necklace

 It is not lost on us how difficult Mother's Day can be for so many people. Offering pieces that provide a sense of closeness and connection through fingerprints, handwriting or artwork is our way of helping our customers feel connected to their loved ones, even when they are apart.
When Hannah sent us this beautiful message after losing her mum, Carole, and the Impression pieces they made with her, it was a reminder of the fragility of life and to cherish every small moment with your loved ones. 


It’s common to think of your mother as the crème of the crop, the absolute best there is. It’s rare for others to notice that in fact, the mould was broken when she became a mother.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that could say a bad word about my incredible mum Carole, or as she was lovingly known as in our family and to her grand babies, Mimi. A lover of walking, talking, fitness, friends and family, Carole was a once in a lifetime, beautiful and generous kind spirit; perhaps too good and gracious for this world.
In December 2022, we received the worst news that our Mimi’s breast cancer had aggressively spread and within 4 weeks at the hospital, she had left us with an indescribable hole in our lives.

During these heart aching last weeks I knew I needed something tangible and sentimental to have from her which led me straight to Linden Cook and their Impression pieces.

Our family shared hilarious moments rolling the wax pieces as mum cheekily joked we should use her middle finger so she’d forever be flipping us the bird. Her wicked sense of humour was just one of the many things people loved most about her. You could hear her cackle a mile away.

We each have a ‘Mimi fingerprint’ to remember her by. I wear mine everyday and although I have a knowing she’s always close by, her imprint on my necklace pendant keeps her just that little bit closer to my heart.

~ Hannah

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