Georgie Amad | Co Founder Linden Cook

Georgie Amad | Co Founder Linden Cook


Our Fingerprint collection was born from a desire to create a piece of jewellery that held real meaning and lasted a lifetime.  

The story behind the Fingerprints started when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter Halle. I experienced a health issue that resulted in an early delivery and an unwell newborn. Halle spent six long and incredibly stressful weeks in Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital before being able to come home.

During this time, my partner Mick and I discussed how we wished that we could have a meaningful keepsake of Halle close to us every day. With experience in lost wax casting, my mum, Linden, and sister, Ellie, decided to try using wax to turn an impression of Halle’s fingerprint into a pendant for a necklace.

This is where our Impression Collection was born.

Although, at birth, Halle was a little young to achieve a deep impression in the wax mould, it was the sentiment that resonated with me and I knew there would be many other parents who longed for a similar reminder of their loved ones. Furthermore, the process of creating the impression with Mick and I was really special and I’ll remember it forever. Our beautiful girl is now three, and as healthy as can be, but the memory of turning her fingerprint into a timeless impression will remain and I will cherish it forever.

Since then, I have made a double sided impression with Mick and my fingerprints that we made on Halle’s 1st birthday. When the time is right, we will give this to Halle so that she can always keep it with her.

The beauty of the impression pieces is that each one is completely unique in shape and, of course, print. The casting process means that we take exactly what you give us in wax, and make it into a one-off pendant. 

Since then, we have expanded this concept into a full collection of Impression necklaces, bracelets and rings, as well as a collection of Laser Engraved Impression pieces that can be made from ink impressions. 

What will follow is a collection of some incredible stories of our customers who have used our Impression Collection to make their very own sentimental pieces and lasting memories. 


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