Ebonnie Masini | Painter

Ebonnie Masini | Painter

To celebrate the launch of our Mediterranean inspired charms earlier this year, we commissioned incredible artist and long time friend of the brand, Ebonnie Masini, to create us a custom painting. A capsule of seven charms that tap into nostalgic feelings of a European summer, the artwork is a playful nod to the scene that inspired the collection. Having recently closed down her successful clothing brand to pursue art full time, Ebonnie shared with us a little about her journey. 
You made the decision last year to close down your successful clothing business to become an at home painter. What inspired such a big life change?
Change is what inspired it! I’d been doing Masini Sleepwear for almost 10 years and when I was pregnant with my second child I was finding it really hard to feel motivated. After Covid costs had gone up for everything and it all just felt really difficult. I’d always loved my work so it was foreign to me to feel that that. I went away for a few days with some girlfriends to Bruny Island in Tassie and I think it was the first time in a long time that I’d stopped and breathed. By the time I got back I’d
made the decision to slow things down and just paint. I started selling a few which gave me the confidence to maybe do it full time, and here we are! The decision feels great.

What advice would you give a young creative starting out in the industry?
Oh gosh, I’m not sure I’m qualified to give advice about the industry. The only thing I can say is that painting is my meditation. I feel so happy and relaxed when I’m doing it and I guess if you know that something makes you that happy… why wouldn’t you try to make money from it?

Could you choose a favourite from all of your paintings? (we would love a photo if you have one!)
I did a large piece for a bare wall in our living room. One night a poured a wine and just started painting with no plan in mind. I love it.

What is your favourite piece from our Mediterranean capsule?
Offt, this is really hard. I feel like this collection is made for me. My sleepwear and art has always been inspired by my Italian heritage. I chose the sardine but I’ll be definitely getting more.

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