Cara O'Dowd | Australian Photographer

Cara O'Dowd | Australian Photographer

Talented Australian photographer Cara has beautifully documented our Impression process with her little angel Hazel. We spoke with Cara about her photography work and her sweet birthday idea for Hazel. 

How did you get started out as a photographer?

My grandfather was a photographer. I was obsessed with the magic of the darkroom. Seeing images magically appear on paper as a 7 year old was so amazing. I grew up in a small town. Pop was the photographer for the local paper, I used to go to work with him on the weekend. I never wanted to be anything else. I moved away when I was 18 and got a degree in commercial photography. 

Who is your favourite photographer working in the industry today? 

Lachlan Bailey, his images are so beautiful and have such great energy to them. He is also such a lovely guy.  

What is your favourite subject to shoot/photography style?

Anything that involves a farm! It’s the country girl in me; I’m completely in my element strapped into the back of a ute photographing someone on a horse haha

How did you find the Impression experience?

It was really sweet. I intended to do a one-sided print of Hazels for me but once we started Hazel really wanted one of my fingerprint too. We decided to do a double sided one and have one each. 

What will this piece mean to you?

So much. Each year for Hazel’s birthday I buy myself a piece of jewellery. Her first birthday was a really big deal for me, remembering the birth and the baby bubble so much. I buy myself jewellery with the intention of giving it all to her one day for her birthday. This piece will be a stand out one because she will remember making it together.

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