Olivia Ware | Jeweller

Olivia Ware | Jeweller

Olivia, or Olives as she is known in the studio, started working with us as a jeweller in 2019. Her work ethic and incredible attention to detail makes her the prime target for most of our time sensitive tasks. Her warm and calming nature is the perfect addition to our growing team and we can’t wait for you to get to know her better.

What show are you binging at the moment?

It’s extremely overdue but I finally started The Sopranos.

Favourite random fact:

That both Norah Jones and Anoushka Shankar are Ravi Shankar’s daughters.

Most embarrassing moment:

I don’t know if I can answer this one! Mine are all way too wild. The tamest I have is throwing up an entire original sized boost juice on a child in a stroller in the Northland Food Court.

Number one vacation spot:

I mean obviously it’s Europe. With that being said I did explore a lot of the Victorian countryside last year and some of it is truly stunning. Not Lake Como stunning, but definitely gorgeous.

My idea of a perfect Friday night:

Summer- Sashimi, cocktails and solid company. Winter- red wine, pasta, couch and my doggo

What is your favourite piece you have ever created?

My engagement ring, not because it’s amazing or better than any others but simply because I was given a lot of money to experiment and play with and got to keep the piece at the end.

What did you study?

I started out studying an advanced diploma of engineering technology at Melbourne Polytechnic, I dropped out to travel. When I returned home I started a BA of Fine Art at RMIT (majoring in gold and silversmithing) graduating in 2018.

How did you get into jewellery / why did you choose it?

I loved painting, drawing and sculpture as a child and teenager but struggled with the possibilities and vastness of art. For me I really needed a brief or some guidelines. I found jewellery was a way for me to be creative within this ~ you can be as imaginative and expressive as you like but at the end if you’re making a ring, it needs to fit on a finger.

What was your first impression of Linden Cook?

These women are wild, extremely creative, driven and more than anything love a glass of champagne and a seriously good laugh. I instantly knew I could grow as both a jeweller and a female in the environment they had created.

What is the best/worst part of your daily routine?

The team of jewellers is so strong that no task seems too arduous or taxing. In saying that.. discs have always and will always be the worst to create. You like fingernails.. well not anymore.

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