Bella Grooby | Customer Service Coordinator

Bella Grooby | Customer Service Coordinator

Bella joined the Linden Cook team just prior to Christmas 2021 at our busiest time of the year and adapted to the workload and crazy environment so effortlessly. Her sweet, warm nature is always such a calming presence in the studio amongst all the chaos.

What are you studying at university?

I am completing my Bachelor of Business at RMIT University. I major in Business
Management which has a strong focus on communications, business development, people, innovation, and organisational experience.

What is your favourite LC piece?

This is tough, but the weave bracelet will always be one of my absolute favourites. It’s so easy to wear and, in summer, I love having the touch of colour with the resin additions.

What was your first impression of the girls at Linden Cook?

The LC girls are so warm, vibrant, and full of laughter. I started at a busy time, and I remember feeling so lucky to be welcomed into a team of confident women who can get it done while having a lot of fun.

What is your number one travel destination?

The snow in Japan! Scenery, snowboarding, and ramen. The perfect combination.

Favourite TV show to binge?

RuPaul’s Drag Race or Parks and Recreation. Both are my staple pick-me-ups.

What is your ideal Friday night?

An early dinner with friends so we can soak up the last few hours of daylight with some delicious food and a nice wine. Throw in some cards (preferably Monopoly Deal) and I’m very content.

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