Collection 5.0

Vogue Australia interview on Collection 5.0

Vogue sat down with Amad ahead of the launch to talk all things creativity, inspiration, and juggling family life with professional life. Read on for the interview.

When did your love for jewellery begin?

My mum, Linden grew up in London selling jewellery at Peticoat Lane. She has always been drawn to shapes and textures, spending her days at flea markets and op shops hunting for items to enhance by cutting, sewing, dying and changing the shapes to adapt to the fashion ahead. My grandfather was a huge influence on us growing up, always restoring furniture, household fixtures and whatever he could get his hands on. Mum is a creator of all things, jewellery came later in the piece when she started to experiment with wax ring moulding.

Generally, how do you get the creative juices flowing before you begin the design process? 

We find that working with different mediums provides endless inspiration. My mum Linden is the creative mastermind behind all of our collections. For example, in the development of Collection 5.0 she created light fittings and experimented to see how the light catches and falls from different surfaces. We have always been drawn to a black and white colour pallet; exploring negative and positive space. These angles and shapes have inspired the development behind the range which is set to be released in July, 2019. None of our pieces are born from pencil draftings. 

What's the most treasured piece you've ever designed?

I was actually lucky enough to receive the first ever Fingerprint Necklace. We had a rough start that kept us in the Royal Children’s Hospital for 6 weeks after Halle was born. Mum and Ellie spent months designing and producing the most beautiful gift I have ever received - a delicate 9k gold pendant of Halle’s fingerprint dangling on a fine gold chain. We all knew from the emotional response to the piece that we were onto something truly special and that every mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents and friends should share this truly eternal gift.

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