ESSĒN x Linden Cook

This Earth Month, we have launched a special release of the Foundation Flats in collaboration with sustainable footwear brand ESSĒN. Fashion has a waste problem - we want to fix it. Just like our jewellery, all of ESSĒN’s footwear is made-to-order. Reducing waste is something we strive to do at every point in our processes.

Producing on-demand allows us to minimise waste and over-production, and to use our resources more effectively by only producing what we sell. The craftsmen and jewellers in our workshops are experts in their fields, bringing heart and expertise to every piece we make, using time honoured techniques.

This special release of The Foundation Flat is carefully crafted by hand in Italy, and the timeless design of the anklets are made in our studio in Melbourne from sterling silver with a 2 micron hard gold plating. There are two anklets to choose from; The Curb Chain Fob is a chunky statement piece designed specifically for your ankle to be woven through the back of the shoe or to be worn as a stand alone anklet. The Lace Chain Fob is designed at a length that is both suitable for a wrap around anklet or a necklace, making it endlessly versatile and maximising wear.

Moving away from traditional seasons and creating conscious & timeless designs allows us to avoid the prolonged cycles of waste that follow. Making beautiful pieces on-demand with added environmental incentives is an ongoing challenge, but a business model that could save fashion and the environment, so we have to find a way.