Julieanne | Mini Charm Bracelet

Julieanne | Mini Charm Bracelet

"To have their prints means everything to me. But to experience getting them done together meant something to them too."

We spoke to Julieanne about her recent Impression experience with her parents at MECCA Armadale. 


 Who's fingerprints have you captured on your Impression piece?
My parents, Marie & Don.
How did you find the Impression experience at MECCA?
Amazing. Mum and Dad are 85 and 86, and getting out and about isn’t as easy as it used to be, so I knew it would be a lot and not what they are used too. The beautiful Linden Cook girls at Mecca could not of been more patient and kind. 
To have their prints means everything to me. But to experience getting them done together meant something to them too. They really loved the experience even though they knew this was a gift for me.
Why did you want to capture these Impressions and what does this piece mean to you?
Dad has been a mechanic since he was 16 and owned his own garage. He actually didn’t even retire or sell it until the age of 84! For as long as I can remember those creases in his hands have been filled with grease and oil from cars. So it’s funny that when it came to his print he was so adamant that it needed to include those deep creases that showed his hard working hands. He was actually really emotional doing the prints too.

To me, Mum's hands have always been what has guided me throughout my life.
I’m the youngest of six, and she is the matriarch of our big family. Those hands sewed all my clothes when I was little, baked all the cakes and endless enormous dinners and created the most magnificent rose garden you have ever seen.
What is the best lesson your parents have taught you?
My whole life I have been surrounded by people. Growing up as the youngest in a huge family taught me so much about love, patience and togetherness. I was taught at a young age that anything was possible.
I grew up in a house with a super loved-up and caring mum. She did nothing but look after us kids, along with most of the other kids in the neighbourhood! Nothing was ever too much. If I had a friend who wanted help, they always had warm dinner and a bed for as long as they needed.
I was raised by the most optimistic and hard-working Dad, who still to this day adores being a motor mechanic downstairs at the family home. He showed me the importance in loving what you do.

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