Amelia Fullarton | Photographer

Amelia Fullarton | Photographer

Wedding photographer and mum-of-four Amelia shared with us her journey into photography and gave us a little glimpse into life with her husband Al. 

Amelia wears the Impression Signet Ring | Solid 9k Yellow Gold


How did you get started as a wedding photographer?

I started taking photos of my first daughter almost 10 years ago. From there l had a few people in our community reach out to ask me to take photos of their weddings, just little ones here and there. The business grew steadily from there, l was so fortunate to have a few people trust me early on, to allow me to gain experience and confidence.

This might seem like a difficult question .. but do you have a favourite photograph you have ever taken?

Gosh, so difficult. I have one photo of my family all sitting together on a ute, on a scorching hot day at my sister’s property out west. Something about that photograph l love, l think it's the fact that one of the kids looks like they are crying, another looks to be complaining, it just tells the story of that day.


How did you meet your partner Al?

We met one night at an old club in Byron, about 14 years ago. He’s just got back from travelling through Europe and l had just returned the same day from Sri Lanka. He actually kissed my best friend and me on the same night and l remember laughing with her the next day about how funny it was and how drunk we all were.

How did you find your impression experience?

So beautiful! Such a treasured thing, I’ve not taken it off since l received it.

Other than the impression ring, what is your favourite Linden Cook piece?

The narrow flare ring 

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