Sarah Jones | Artist & Jeweller

Sarah Jones | Artist & Jeweller

Sarah joined the Linden Cook team mid 2020 after a very long catch up at our local bar. What began as a job interview quickly developed into glasses of wine and discussions of dating, life and family. We are so honoured to work with such a true authentic artist every day- at the jewellery bench and in the kitchen. Scroll down to read up on Sarah and view some of her latest work featured in this years Radiant Pavilion.

Most exciting thing happening in your life right now?
I recently had some pieces exhibited in a group show, titled ‘Still, Life’ as part of the biennial contemporary jewellery and object festival, Radiant Pavilion.

Favourite random fact?
The Chupa Chups logo was originally designed by surrealist artist Salvador Dalí in 1969!

Perfect Friday night?
Balmy nights, delicious food and wine and a gig at the pub.

What is your favourite piece you've ever created?
Hmmm so hard to choose! Probably a pair of necklaces I designed and made while studying, which together required me to make 300 handmade textured beads. The process seemed so daunting at first but I ended up loving every moment of it. Since then, the idea of meditative repetition has become a key component in my creative practice.

What was your first impression of Linden Cook Jewellery?
I couldn’t believe my luck! I love being part of a team of creative, passionate, motivated and caring women, who love to laugh, eat delicious food and have a Friday vino in the sun!

How did you get into jewellery?
I could tell so many stories about how I got into jewellery and why it is so important to me. Here’s one of my earliest memories:
When I was 6 years old my parents took me overseas for the first time to visit my extended family in Italy and Wales. Whilst in Wales, my Grandpa asked me to pick out a ring from a jewellery store, as a present and reminder of my first visit. I ended up choosing two tiny silver rings, both with Celtic knot designs, one plain and the other with a dark green jade stone. They were so precious to me and made me feel so special. I still wear both of them almost every day, though now they only fit on my pinky finger.


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