Laser Impressions


We now offer a Laser Engraving option for our Impression Collection for International customers and those unable to use our Impression Wax Kits. Laser engraving is only available if you have ink fingerprints that you can email us after your order has been placed. The ink prints you provide will be laser engraved onto your chosen Linden Cook Impression Piece. The impression will not be as deep as those created using the Wax Impression Kit but it is certainly a great option if you do not have the opportunity to create wax impressions. Your engraving will be as clear and as defined as your ink print is and depending on the print we may only use a section of it. We will do our best to enhance the lines where possible without affecting the print itself. 


Please click the link below to view our entire Impression Collection, which is now available for you to shop using your ink prints. Simply select the style you would like and specify in the special requests box at checkout that you will need laser engraving.


If you have any questions at all before placing an order please don’t hesitate to email or give us a call on +61 480 213 256.


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