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Creating a Fingerprint Necklace with Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow and son Winston

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About Linden Cook Jewellery

Melbourne based jeweller Linden Cook launched her label in late 2013 with eldest daughter and now business partner Georgie Amad.

With the desire and drive to transform their talents into a successful and unique Australian brand, the dynamic Melbourne mother-daughter duo was born. Linden’s key components when creating her custom designed jewellery line in her local Melbourne studio are always simplicity and individuality.

Cook chooses to custom design each individual piece within the collection and no two pieces are ever the same due to her embracing organic forms, lines and shapes.

Combining drive, desire and ability, this Melbourne based duo consistently develops refined, high-quality custom design jewellery for individuals, families, friends, and lovers.

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Linden Cook’s ethos includes using all recycled materials where possible to maintain sustainable production. “I try not to overwork some materials but simply mould and shape them carefully in order to retain their already unique and beautiful imperfections,” says Cook.

Linden Cook aims to create pieces that will never be replicated, that have never before been imagined, by using only organic and raw materials and predicting trends mixed in with the desire to create pieces that will forever remain stylish and in demand.

No two pieces are ever the same.

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