X Mini Fingerprint Bracelet | Yellow Gold
X Mini Fingerprint Bracelet | Yellow Gold

X Mini Fingerprint Bracelet | Yellow Gold


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Linden Cook’s handmade pieces pay tribute to organic forms, lines and shapes whilst boasting their own uniqueness as no two pieces that are created are the same. Quality, durability and functionality are cornerstones of our approach to production, with pieces worn for days at a time to ensure the weight, balance and comfort is optimal for the wearer.

  •   Timeframes & Delivery 

To create the Fingerprint Bracelet, we use a traditional lost wax cast technique which produces the most beautifully authentic impression. Each piece is handmade to order and will take approximately 3-6 weeks to receive. Once your order is placed, The Impression Wax Kit will be express posted within 1-2 days. This kit will include everything you need to make your impressions including pre rolled wax balls, detailed instructions and a prepaid post satchel (aus only) for you to send them back to us. International customers will need to cover the cost of sending their prints back to us. If you require a piece urgently or by a specific date please be sure to email info@lindencookdesign.com before placing your order to avoid any disappointment. We will always do our best to get your piece to you in time.

  •   Materials & Sizing

Solid 9k Gold or Sterling Silver with 18k Yellow Gold Plating 

The X Mini 8-10mm diameter

These measurements are approximations and will depend on how the fingerprint is pressed into the wax that will dictate the overall size.

  •   Gold Plated Pieces   

Each of our gold plated pieces are sent to a specialised electroplating company once they are finished for a much more premium quality plating. This ensures a higher quality finish for longer lasting wear.

  •   Double Sided Prints

There is no extra cost to make your piece double sided as the prices online are per pendant not per fingerprint. 

  •   The Perfect Print

Your finished piece will look exactly as the wax does so be sure to love how it looks before sending it back. You may email or text an image of your wax for confirmation. 

  •   Age limit

This piece is not suitable for children younger than 1yr of age as their prints may not be defined enough. It is however case by case as each child's prints develop at different times. 

  •   Fingerprint Gift Box

If time is of the essence, you can simply gift your loved one the impression kit that gets sent to you in the mail when you place your order as it makes a beautiful and thoughtful present, stylishly packaged. This can be sent directly to the recipient.