Linden Cook Stories

Cass & Jack | Mini Impression Necklace

When Cass’s son Jack was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer in his eye at just one year of age, it became really important for Cass to have a little piece of Jack with her at all times. As we approach The Good Friday Children’s Appeal we wanted to highlight Cass’s story, the struggles experienced by families with sick children all over Australia and how a little kindness from strangers can go a long way.

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Pete & Matt | Impression Wedding Bands

We were honoured to create the most amazing Impression wedding bands for Pete and Matt for their surprise wedding ceremony in March 2021. We chatted to them about their story and how they came about making these special rings. 

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Georgie Amad | Co Founder Linden Cook

The story behind the Fingerprints started when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter Halle. I experienced a health issue that resulted in an early delivery and an unwell newborn. Halle spent six long and incredibly stressful weeks in Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital before being able to come home.

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